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AGL Macquarie

AGL Macquarie produces approximately 12% of the electricity needed by consumers in eastern Australia.

AGL Macquarie’s assets include the 2,640MW Bayswater power station, the 2,000 MW Liddell power station, the 50 MW Hunter Valley gas turbines and the Liddell solar thermal project. AGL Macquarie is the former NSW Government power producer, Macquarie Generation, which AGL acquired in September 2014.

Over recent years Bayswater power station has produced approximately 15,000 GWh of electricity a year, enough power for two million average Australian homes and families. Liddell power station produces around 8,000 GWh of electricity or enough power for approximately one million average Australian family homes.

For further information about AGL Macquarie – click here (

AGL New Energy

AGL New Energy is working towards becoming the pre-eminent provider of comfort, convenience and control of energy products and services for our customers. Our goal is to have a presence in One Million homes, businesses and vehicles by 2020.

New Energy has 5 strong business divisions all working towards three key objectives.

For homes, our focus is to remove complexity.
For businesses, our focus is removing inefficiency.
For networks, our focus is removing volatility. ​

New Energy’s strategy, is in scaling up new installations of meters and solar systems, growing existing capabilities in business services and defining and leading some new markets.  

Our opportunity is to transform the way customers engage with energy, define new business models and to be a leader in our industry in the integration of new technologies and the marketing of products customers choose to buy. 

For further information about AGL New Energy and each teams’ respective targets or project plans, click here:

Policy Documents

AGL Code of Conduct

AGL Supplier Code of Conduct

other policys for AGL can be found here

Privacy Statement

AGL Privacy Policy

Site Requirements

Standard Site Requirements for Working on AGL Macquarie Sites

New Suppliers

Company Details Form:

AGL Macquarie Company Details Form

ERS Cover Letter and Form:

AGL Macquarie ERS Cover letter

AGL Macquarie ERS Document

Conditions of Quoting

AGL Macquarie has standard rules, conditions and requirements which apply to all specification requests for quotation.

These are contained in the document below:

AGL Macquarie Conditions of Quotation

Orders and Payment

Suppliers must have a valid purchase order before issuing an invoice.

When ordering goods, services and/or works AGL Macquarie will create a purchase order with a unique number. The supplier must be in receipt of a valid purchase order, before providing the goods, services and/or works. Purchase orders issued for supply of goods, services and/or worls will need to be documented on all invoices. These invoices provide the means for payment and only upon entry of reciept in SAP against the respective purchase order will accounts payable effect payment.

Please directly contact accounts payable on (02) 6542 0679 or, email

Invoice Details

Invoices should be sent to

To avoid delay in payment it is important that the invoice is legally compliant and that it includes:

    • a valid PO number,
    • your details (name, ABN, address and telephone number) to contact in case of any queries,
    • description of goods supplied
    • GST shown seperately

    Any non-compliant invoices will be sent back to the supplier resulting in delay in payment.

    Payment Terms

    The AGL Macquarie standard terms of payment are before end of next month, due net or as per agreement.

    Method of Payment

    All payments are made electronically via EFT and suppliers will need to ensure that full details are provided whilst their account is set up in SAP to enable prompt payment.

    Payment Queries

    If you have a query regarding outstanding payment please contact the accounts payable team on (02) 6542 0679, or email